středa 25. července 2007

Budeme mít CSS5?

Ian Hickson ve svém červnovém příspevku The CSS working group is irrelevant kritizuje současný stav CSS a naznačuje možnosti vzniku CSS5 pod záštitou WHATWG.
The CSS specs show their age; they come from a time where specifications were much vaguer than those of the modern day. Someone really needs to do to CSS what the WHATWG has been doing to HTML, defining everything in detail, explicitly, with strict and clear normative conformance criteria, taking implementations into account, defining things like quirks mode. (The WHATWG community refers to such a hypothetical project as "CSS 5", as a reference to the way the current WHATWG specs define HTML5, XHTML5, and DOM5 HTML.)
One way to address this would be for the WHATWG to start a "subproject" to address CSS, while we wait for the W3C CSS group to learn from the W3C HTML group and become open. The biggest problem would be finding editors who would be willing and capable of doing the incredible work of rewriting CSS from scratch.
Situace okolo CSS dnes není zcela růžová. Pokusil jsem se jí popsat ve svém dnešním článku Quo vadis, CSS? na Lupě.

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