úterý 24. dubna 2007

Apple se distancuje od XHTML2.0

Maciej Stachowiak (vývojář Safari, Apple) se začátkem roku vyjádřil, proč se vývojáři Safari neúčastní příprav XHTML2.0:
We declined to participate in the XHTML2 Working Group because we think XHTML2 is not an appropriate technology for the web. There is no need to break compatibility with HTML4.x/XHTML1.x, and the compatibility-breaking changes are not necessarily good ones from the point of view of semantics or authorability. Also, it moves HTML in a direction that is suitable for documents but not as much for applications. However, we abstained from voting instead of voting no because we don’t think they should be stopped from doing this work if they feel it isvaluable.

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